Simple Git hosting.

Just pay $15 once. We’ll set up your own private Gitea installation with everything you need.

Sign up to get started.

It’s all yours.

Create as many users, organizations, and repos as you want. It’s your copy of Gitea to do whatever you want with. We just have a soft limit of 5 GB per site.

We run the servers.

Why should you have to manage and maintain your own server just for Git? We’ll take care of that so you can focus on what you do best: building great stuff.

Super affordable.

We built GetGit to make Git hosting available for everyone—but especially freelance developers and solo founders—without yet another monthly fee. Just pay $15 once.

What is Gitea?

It’s like your own private GitHub, but you control everything. Create as many users, organizations, and repos as you want. Make it public or keep it private. It’s up to you.

We didn’t create Gitea—it’s an awesome open source project created by the community—but we did make it easy to get your own hosted installation without having to manage the server.

Sign up and get started with Gitea.


How much storage space do I get?

While you can create as many users, organizations, and repos as you like, all your data combined is limited to 5 GB.

However, this is a soft limit, which means your account won’t be disabled when you reach the limit. Instead, we’ll send you a notification and work with you to get your usage below 5 GB.

If all else fails, other pricing options are available based on the amount of storage space you need.

What’s a site? Can I have more than one?

After you sign up for GetGit you’ll choose a subdomain. We call this subdomain a site. Each site costs $15 and has a soft limit of 5 GB.

You can create as many sites as you like! You might choose to create separate sites for each of your clients, or just add an additional site to give yourself more space.

What does GetGit do that Gitea doesn’t?

We handle server maintenance and backups. It’s (sort of) simple to set up a server, but managing it is another story. We set up DNS, SSL certificates, SSH access to your repos, and everything else you’d expect from a proper Gitea installation.

Do you really only charge $15 once?

Yep! We don’t like paying for stuff monthly so we chose the alternative: Just pay once. It’s like how buying software used to be.

It works for us thanks to the lightweight design of Gitea. Our infrastructure is set up specifically for Gitea, and we think it works great! Give it a shot and see what you think.

Other pricing options are coming soon to allow for more storage and greater customization of Gitea.